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SF6 Gas Insulated Lines

Ideally suited for applications where traditional high voltage lines present challenges or create unsafe conditions

A global leader in high-voltage SFinsulated bus systems

AZZ’s SFgas insulated transmission line (GIL) deliver economical long-distance power transmission, with superior reliability and a longer lifecycle to reduce ownership costs. With a compact system design, fabricated elbows and a large current capacity, GIL offer complete system flexibility.

Capitalizing on the advantages of SF6 systems

As the only North American manufacturer of GIL for use in high-voltage transmission and substation applications, AZZ has developed an optimal alternative to conventional cable systems and overhead lines. Our GIL offer a range of advantages over conventional GIS bus designs, high voltage cables and overhead transmission lines.

  • Fabricated elbow design enables changes in direction at any angle between 90˚ and 180˚
  • Section lengths of up to 18 meters (60 feet) minimize production and installation costs
  • More power per circuit – continuous capacity through 8,000 amperes
  • Reduced in-service failures
  • Flange bolted design allows for quick installation without specialty-trained crews or special equipment
  • Voltage ranges from 115kV – 1,200kV
  • Versatile routing options
  • Low profile designs for improved aesthetics and security

Offering high current capacity with minimal power loss, AZZ GIL provide low profile designs for improved aesthetics and secutrity, and virtually limitless flexibility with a longer operating life of 50 years.

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