Pulp and Paper

Ensuring pulp and paper facilities are optimized for high production and output

Mechanical Integrity Solutions

With over 30 year's experience in boiler protection, Unifuse® technology, from AZZ Specialty Welding, provides optimal surface protection for pulp and paper boilers. This technology is installed in the majority of U.S. based pulp mills and many mills in South America, Australia, and in Europe providing years of flawless operation. As a core capability, boiler lifecycle management is given a high priorirty in WSI’s shop, which is equipped to handle and apply overlay to individual panels.

AZZ Specialty Welding developed the Unifuse® process to provide reliable corrosion mitigation for the energy and process industries. The Unifuse® technology consists of a corrosion resistant weld deposited coating that is applied utilizing proprietary automated welding systems. The technology provides a fully fused metallurgical bond to the base material that is deposited using a low heat input controlled process to minimize dilution of the deposit. In the pulping industry the process is used to apply corrosion resistant weld metal overlay to batch digesters and continuous digesters, shop fabricated Unifuse®360 tubes used by OEM’s to build replacement floor and lower furnace panels, and shop fabricated smelt openings as well as upper furnace superheater and reheater pendants.

Offering ASME and NBIC certified solutions and personnel for a wide range of boiler construction, maintenance and overhaul needs found in pulp and paper mills”, AZZ Field Services is a fully-accredited specialty construction company with proven solutions for component repairs, upgrades and life extension.


Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is the only corrosion protection capable of withstanding the harsh and abrasive conditions found in pulp and paper facilities. AZZ is North America’s largest provider of hot-dip galvanizing, with decades of experience serving the pulp and paper industry.

Lighting Solutions

Supporting facility efforts for a safe working environment, AZZ lighting systems are an ideal solution to illuminate the harsh environments found in pulp and paper plants. AZZ is a leading manufacturer of hazardous location lighting, with a broad product portfolio, including LED and HID options that are energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Electrical Solutions

Utilized in applications where the highest degree of reliability is required, AZZ isolated phase bus eliminates problems common to connecting main generators to main transformers, unit transformers and auxiliary equipment in a broad range of generation types, including pulp and paper plants.

Designed for the most demanding of industrial and power generation environments, non-segregated phase bus is available for voltages ranging from 600V through 38kV, with ampere ratings up to 10,000 amps, and are ideal for pulp and paper plants' power transmission needs.

As a leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures, AZZ Enclosure Systems provides factory fabricated power equipment centers that safely house electrical equipment used to operate pulp and paper plants.