Land and Offshore

Leading products and services to support global drilling operations

Drilling sites present unique circumstances and potentially daunting obstacles. AZZ is well seasoned in these environments, with over 50 years experience in producing full length, small diameter API line pipe. AZZ’s tubing and pup joints provide unmatched evacuation of liquids from your well bore.

Since 1935, AZZ Lighting Systems have kept workers safe, even in some of the world’s most hazardous land and offshore drilling operations. Our Rig-a-Lite brand of industrial lighting is field tested, and available through a global network of stocking distributers for expedient delivery.

Protecting electrical equipment in drilling applications requires special consideration backed by long experience meeting each site’s critical needs. Class I and Class II locations depend on AZZ enclosure systems designed by engineers skilled at developing factory fabricated-enclosure options that exceed expectations.  

AZZ Specialty Welding is a trusted source for engineered repair and upgrade solutions. Through upgraded assets and proprietary weld overlay technology, we protect against corrosion and erosion, provide structural repair of components and reinforce assets to extend their operational lifespan.

Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is a cost effective metal corrosion protection solution capable of withstanding the harsh drilling environment. With 43 locations throughout North America, AZZ is the  largest provider of hot-dip galvanizing in North America  and has decades of experience protecting fabricated steel used in both land and offshore rigs.