Keeping pipeline operations moving smoothly

For over 20 years, AZZ Specialty Welding has been helping pipeline customers “alloy-up” various major components as they implemented clean fuel processing initiatives and positioned themselves to handle a more flexible slate of feedstock crudes.

A leading supplier of pump and compressor station enclosures to the pipeline industry, AZZ Enclosure Systems provide factory fabricated electrical equipment enclosures for use in hazardous locations.

Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is a cost effective metal corrosion protection solution capable of withstanding the harsh pipeline environment. With 43 locations throughout North America, AZZ is the region's largest provider of hot-dip galvanizing, and has decades of experience protecting fabricated steel used in pipeline construction.

Providing full-length API tubing, including macaroni tubing from 1” through 2-1/16”, AZZ Tubular Products offers non-upset, upset and internal joint connections for J55, N80 and premium grade pipe and pup joints for use in drilling operations.

Since 1935, AZZ Lighting has been a leading manufacturer of hazardous-duty and wet location lighting to the pipeline industry.