Fossil Fuel

Optimizing the critical power source infrastructure

Fossil fuel plants are today’s major source of electricity, and essential to making modern life possible. AZZ provides highly engineered mechanical and electrical solutions to the fossil fuel industry, helping to maintain safe, reliable power.

Mechanical Integrity Services

AZZ Specialty Welding is the leading provider of both field and shop services for applying machine weld overlay on boiler tubes, panels, and even gas turbine exhaust manifolds. With an impressive arsenal of technological alternatives, we help our clients resolve their specific issues. Our solutions include:

  • High energy piping weld techniques that are a trusted choice when critical welds need to be completed correctly with the best mechanical properties available.
  • In-situ high energy valve repair processes that provide clear advantages over 'cut and replace' repair methods.
  • Patented Unifuse® technology, for the mitigation of fireside corrosion.  An industry standard and has been applied in more boilers throughout the world than any other protection method.

Bus Systems

For applications requiring the highest degree of reliability, AZZ isolated phase bus eliminates issues common to connecting main generators to main transformers, unit transformers and auxiliary equipment in a broad range of generation types, including fossil, and waste-to-energy plants. And for the most demanding industrial and power generation environments, our non-segregated phase bus delivers voltages ranging from 600V through 38kV, with ampere ratings up to 10,000 amps.

Lighting Solutions

Established in 1935 as a reliable, effective illumination resource for the demanding drilling industry, AZZ has established a reputation for leading lighting solutions for hazardous environments. Offering a complete selection of lighting products, AZZ has extensive experience providing lighting for multiple environments including food processing, industrial, marine and oil field applications.

Enclosure Systems

Provider of the most durable enclosure systems on the market, AZZ enclosure systems are engineered to protect your most valuable assets. Featuring a rugged design with available custom options, AZZ enclosures represent a complete turnkey solution that has been installed in a variety of applications around the world.

Switchgear Systems

Refined over five decades of continuous development and improvement, AZZ switchgear has been delivering reliable protection for the most demanding environments. Offering a broad range of switchgear options including medium voltage and arc-resistant, as well as portable substations and relay panels, AZZ is a certified provider of switchgear offerings that meet or exceed ANIS, IEEE, NEC, NEMA, and NFPA standards.