Answering nuclear plants’ most difficult challenges

Nuclear Field Services

AZZ Specialty Welding has successfully performed repairs in over 130 nuclear power plants around the world. Whatever the location, material or size of the asset, AZZ Specialty Welding can offer a field upgrade to your component at the time repairs are required, ensuring nuclear plants are working at their best. 

Nuclear Equipment Supply

Encompassing thousands of products ranging from electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control, HVAC and specialty one-of-a-kind items, AZZ Nuclear supplies the nuclear industry with "everything but fuel."

Nuclear Equipment Services

With best-in-class testing qualification and commercial grade dedication programs, AZZ Nuclear helps ensure operation under worst-case scenarios. Our qualification and dedication programs include thermal aging, radiation testing, EMI/RFI testing, LOCA testing, seismic testing, and software V&V.