Business & Consumer Products

Performance-oriented coatings and film laminates for diverse applications

Our focus on value-added processing enhances functionality, aesthetics, and overall performance

B&C products cover a wide range of applications, utilizing stainless steel, aluminum, and diverse carbon steel products. At AZZ Precoat Metals, our coatings and film laminates cater to both decorative and functional, performance-oriented needs. With a focus on value-added processing, our innovative PCM Dimensions™, PCM Mimics™, and PCM Foundations™ coating solutions are well-suited for the diverse applications within this market.


  • Furniture & Fixtures – Household and Outdoor Furniture; Office Furniture; Interior Wall Panels/ Enclosures; Fixtures and Shelving
  • Lighting – Lighting Fixtures; Lighting Ballasts/Transformers
  • Window Equipment – Venetian Blinds; Window and Drapery Hardware, Parts and Fittings
  • Ceiling Products – Ceiling Panels; Ceiling Grid; Suspended Ceiling Systems
  • Electrical Equipment – Motor Laminations; Power and Communications Equipment; Electrical Conduit and Raceways
  • Machinery and Equipment – Farm, Construction and Industrial Machinery & Equipment; Process Vessels; Elevators, Escalators & Walkways
  • Other Business & Consumer Products – Lawn & Garden Equipment; Toys and Sporting Goods; Hardware; Pipe & Tube; Signs and Displays

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