The only North American coil coater serving all market segments

As North America’s leading independent provider of coil coating services, we take immense pride in being your one-stop destination for all your coil coating needs. Our comprehensive coating capabilities and value-added processes provide an all-in-one solution. AZZ Precoat Metals delivers exceptional end-use appearance and performance attributes with sourcing flexibility and significant logistical advantages across various markets and thousands of applications worldwide.

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Comprehensive coating capabilities and value-added processes provide an all-in-one solution

Experience our unique and diverse coating, printing, and embossing applications tailored to your market’s requirements. Our superior processing capabilities and operational flexibility ensure a seamless experience. Trust AZZ Precoat Metals for excellence in every aspect of our services.

    •  Highly efficient supply chain logistics
    • Sourcing flexibility, adapting to market changes
    • Warehousing to accommodate purchasing in bulk
    • Built-in redundant capacity within our facilities
    • Technology-driven customer excellence
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