5 Reasons to Protect Your Critical Equipment with an Enclosure System from AZZ



AZZ is a leading manufacturer of durable, reliable, and modular packaged equipment centers. Our RuggedSpec II ™ Power Distribution Centers, Control Centers, and Data Centers are available in both standard and custom sizes and configurations. With three manufacturing facilities in North America and all with streamlined manufacturing production processes, AZZ can meet the most demanding delivery schedules.

Here are just a few reasons to choose an industry-leading enclosure solution from AZZ:


1 - Faster Installation

When you choose AZZ, you can avoid planning the coordination of on-site labor and construction materials associated with the electrical room. All skilled trades are managed at our manufacturing facilities, and you’ll work with a project manager dedicated to your job. Once completed, your equipment center will be delivered to your location on your schedule and timeline.

2 - Lower Cost

In addition to saving you time, we work to save you money. The mobility of your equipment center allows you to locate equipment like switchgear and motor control centers close to the processes they control. This reduces load cable lengths, translating to cost savings. We can install special raceways and marshalling cabinets to cut down on massive control or power wiring. You can also depreciate our mobile centers as electrical equipment for sizable tax savings. And of course, simply protecting your critical equipment can mean longer operating life.

3 - Factory-built

Another advantage that an AZZ solution provides is the ability to integrate and test third-party electrical equipment at the manufacturing plant, rather than the jobsite. Accepting delivery from a single source allows you to skip the hassle of working with multiple vendors. Our pre-fabricated equipment centers also eliminate the necessity for planning the coordination of on-site labor and construction materials. All skilled trades are managed at our manufacturing facilities, avoiding interference on your plant site. Additionally, with AZZ you work with one project manager dedicated to your job, not many.

4 - Portability

Our mobile equipment centers are designed for moving, and can also be designed for stacking and expanding. As a single, cohesive unit, they can be lifted and moved by crane, or we can incorporate a heavy duty skid so they can be pulled. They’re easy to position and install, and just as easy to uninstall and move to a new location as your needs change. And if you’re planning ahead, they can include a removable end wall, so future expansion is easier and faster than with a block wall.

5 - Design Flexibility

Conventional shelters and block buildings may not be able to accommodate the variety of conditions and requirements that equipment centers can, such as corrosive environments, high temperatures, atmospheric contaminants or extreme weather. Not only does AZZ offer customers thousands of equipment center options, all our designs are engineered to comply with relevant sections of applicable standards and codes.

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