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Introducing Optifuse™.

The new generation of speed for weld overlay.

AZZ Specialty Welding (AZZ WSI LLC) is the worldwide leader in developing and delivering specialized installation and maintenance solutions through automated welding, weld cladding, and weld overlay technologies that extend the life and maximize the value of assets throughout the energy industry.

Optifuse. Overlay Reimagined.

AZZ Specialty Welding has reimagined weld overlay by tailoring our newest technologies to serve the current needs of pressure vessel owners. Optifuse is a suite of enhanced technologies that deliver higher productivity, improved integrity, and a better site experience.
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Higher ROI, lower risk 

As the largest and most experienced provider of component critical installation, repair, and life extension services, AZZ Specialty Welding has delivered structural weld overlay, weld cladding, and automated welding solutions to address planned and emergency response solutions to many of the largest international companies in the energy industry. AZZ Specialty Welding can improve your unit return-on-investment, while safely reducing risk and improving equipment availability and performance.

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