AZZ Hazardous Location Lighting at Lightfair 2017

Lightfair International is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. AZZ, Inc. was proud to participate in Lightfair 2017, held in May in Philadelphia, and showcased the “Rig-A-Lite” line of LED lighting solutions for industrial and food processing applications. AZZ also presented the groundbreaking FPHB High-Bay LED to conference attendees, a debris-shedding luminaire designed with safety, performance, serviceability, and installation flexibility in mind.

AZZ advanced lighting solutions have set the standard in the world’s harshest working environments. AZZ’s purpose-built designs feature field-replaceable circuit boards and drivers with a high degree of serviceability. Because individual components can be replaced as needed, service life is lengthened. To learn more about AZZ's hazardous location lighting solutions and the highlights of Lightfair International 2017, please enjoy the video: