Get Rugged and Durable Illumination Fast with AZZ's QuickShip Program

The products you need. When you need them. 

It's no secret that quality lighting is crucial for production and safety - and downtime is not an option. That's why AZZ is pleased to introduce a QuickShip program designed to deliver a wide selection of our core products within days; helping you meet tight project deadlines or restore safe and efficient illumination quickly. 

Fixtures for many applications can be shipped in 2 to 3 days. If it’s an emergency, no problem, we can ship these selected products in 24 hours for a nominal fee (please note orders for 24 hour delivery must be placed by 12:00 PM CST).

A wide selection of purpose-built hazardous location and explosionproof LED luminaires

The QuickShip program provides a wide variety of many of our high-demand flood, area and linear models, including:

  • FPF07L4U  (Debris-shedding linear lighting)

  • LHFL20LUT76 (flood lighting for hazardous locations)

  • LHFLJ15LUTP76 (compact floodlight/high-bay for hazardous locations)

  • MHD207L24U (non-metallic linear lighting for hazardous locations)

  • MHL07LC4UMB (linear lighting for hazardous locations)

  • MHL07LC4URIG (linear lighting for hazardous locations, Rig option)

  • SAFR11L2ULFGCSAF (area lighting for hazardous locations)

  • SXPJ11L2UGGP (explosionproof area lighting)

  • SXPJ11L2UGP (explosionproof area lighting)

  • XML07LC4UMB (explosionproof linear lighting)

  • XML07LC4URIG (explosionproof linear lighting, Rig option)

  • XP50L42LU (explosionproof linear lighting)

Learn more about the program today 

To learn more, or for questions, please contact us today by calling 713-943-0349. Quantity limitations apply.