New FPHB LED High-bay Fixture Illuminates Food Processing Plants with Advanced Technology

Food and beverage companies are under intense pressure to maintain strictly hygienic operations that prevent the spread of deadly microbes. 

The reputations of these companies depend on an impeccable food safety track record – and the latest technologies in industrial food processing, such as LED lighting, can aid this process. The new AZZ FPHB LED high-bay lighting fixture for harsh environments was designed specifically with this need in mind.

In food processing plants, lighting fixtures are constantly exposed to airborne contaminants, such as steam, food particles and harsh cleansers. Food production and service companies must meet standards for cleanliness set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and similar international regulatory bodies. 

To meet these standards, equipment used in food and beverage plants – including overhead lighting fixtures – must be tested and certified by NSF International (NSF). AZZ now offers an NSF-certified high-bay luminaire with a sleek design that sheds water, debris and food particles associated with daily high-pressure hose cleanings. 

High-bay LED illumination

AZZ is working to expand its line of rugged LED lighting products within the food processing market,” explained Ryan Little of AZZ, Inc. “Launched on May 5th, the FPHB High-bay luminaire fills this need perfectly!” 

Our FPF linear fixture has long been in use – and is well regarded – in poultry processing and other food manufacturing operations,” added Little, “but there was a distinct need for the development of a high-bay product to help AZZ compete on larger, more diverse projects.”

The wet-location suitable high-bay is constructed with a heavy-duty A360 aluminum body (less than 0.4% copper) and a prismatic polycarbonate lens. The fixture is high-pressure hose tested and approved to 1500 psi under stringent IP69K and NSF certification requirements, so that water cannot penetrate the fixture to harbor bacteria or damage electronic components.

Like all of AZZ’s ruggedly designed LED fixtures, the FPHB is designed with quick-disconnect circuit boards and drivers with easily replaceable components that can be serviced by the maintenance staff. This unique feature means customers can avoid replacing an entire fixture, which diminishes long-term service difficulties and costs.

Repels water and food particles

The FPHB LED luminaire design is based on decades of harsh and hazardous location experience. It features an NSF-approved, baked-on epoxy finish that’s tested hygienic and suitable for food processing applications, and a drip edge that repels water and food particles.

The fixture’s cutting-edge LED technology and drop-lens design increases uplight and performance. Task and food inspection areas are fully illuminated, providing plant managers and food line and inspection workers the highest possible visibility for increased accuracy. 

Superior optics yield superior results within fast-paced food processing environments,” said Little. “After all, our customers' reputations depend on error-free preparation, inspection and packaging. AZZ designs task lighting products with this in mind, combining the latest LED board, driver and optics technologies with durable, highly serviceable product designs.”

Trust AZZ for harsh-area lighting

When it comes to food safety, food and beverage processing companies cannot afford to cut corners with lighting.

Based on many years of experience, the sleek, liquid and debris-shedding FPHB High-bay LED is a great addition to AZZ’s growing line of exceptional NSF-approved products, featuring field-replaceable electronics which ensure future serviceability and lower long-term operating costs.

To learn more about this innovative and durable, highly serviceable product, visit today!