Roll Out of High Integrity RuggedSpec II™ Enclosures


The Importance of Enclosure Standardized Design

AZZ Enclosure Systems is a leading manufacturer of durable, reliable, and modular packaged equipment enclosures. With three strategically located design/manufacturing facilities in North America we are able to serve quickly while minimizing logistics and mobilization costs. A major benefit to our customers is a standardized design, with the same look, feel, performance, and price structure regardless of which of our facilities produce their products…after many months of design and testing, we are excited to announce the arrival of the RuggedSpec II™ Packaged Equipment Center™.

Our RuggedSpec II™ approach allows us to deliver customized and standard configurations that are identical in design and construction without regard for which facility delivers it.  AZZ is able to meet the most demanding delivery schedules with best-in-class components perfectly tailored to the end user needs. Our standardized design provides industry-leading speed to market, greater flexibility between manufacturing facilities, and a consistent approach from cradle to grave for your product requirements.

Primary features provided by the AZZ RuggedSpec II™ Method 

The AZZ enclosures are designed to meet or exceed the latest industry standards.  And work in the most hostile environments.  By using our proprietary Galvannealed™ interlocking panels for the exterior, we provide excellent corrosion and weather intrusion protection.  With a base construction designed for mounting on pad, pier or vault type foundations, all ground attachment concerns are met.  Optional designs are also available with EMP resistance as well as ballistic protection.

Our factory built approach eliminates the risk to delivery schedule due to weather and other uncontrollable factors.  With our modular construction, we can accommodate rapid customization.  This modular approach also reduces the quantity of field resources needed during installation because of its plug-and-play configuration.  FAT is also conducted at the factory to also minimize cost and schedule risk.

Our experienced design organization can work with your team to support every step of the project, and with installation at site by our dedicated field service organization we can bring your project to a successful completion.

AZZ Enclosures 

As one of the largest and most experienced Specialty Enclosure Manufacturers in North America, AZZ Enclosure Systems is ready to serve your specific needs.  Our organization exists to fulfill our promise - “Faster to the Site, Stronger to Protect” in support of every project we undertake. Find out more about our engineered enclosure solutions at or follow us on LinkedIn.