RuggedSpec II Enclosure Systems (Custom E-Houses)

Highly engineered, modular enclosures (e-house) built to cover your highest priorities.

AZZ is a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable modular enclosures (e-houses).  AZZ's RuggedSpec IITM Power Distribution Centers, Control Centers, and Custom Enclosures are available in both standard and custom sizes and configurations. With three manufacturing facilities in North America to serve you, AZZ is well suited to meet the most demanding delivery schedules. Featuring a resilient, welded tubular framework, seam-welded roof, and interlocking panel design, an AZZ e-house stands up to the elements year after year. As experts at installing and integrating customer furnished equipment, our team works with you to design and build e-houses that protect switchgear, motor control centers, motor starters, variable frequency drives, relay and control panels, and other mechanical and electrical equipment. Our large manufacturing space allows for indoor, climate-controlled construction of any enclosure needed – even units that are two stories tall. So whenever you need an e-house, we can build it. Choosing AZZ means never having to worry about missed deadlines or scheduling delays. With many applications in power generation and distribution, utility substations, chemical processing, pulp and paper, waste/waste water, pipeline, LNG terminals, data centers, pumping stations, and many others, AZZ's RuggedSpec II enclosure solutions are built for whatever our customer needs, including ballistic, fire, explosion, and electro-magnetic resistant designs. 

RuggedSpec II Control Centers
Engineered to protect components including relay and control panels as well as monitoring and battery systems.
RuggedSpec II Power Distribution Centers
Ruggedly engineered for a variety of industrial and power generation applications.
RuggedSpec II Custom Enclosures
A wide range of facades and specialty enclosures, including “without floor”, two-story, hazardous location, and blast resistant designs.
RuggedSpec II Enclosures with ArmArrest
Custom-engineered ballistic rated buildings for ultimate protection
RuggedSpec II Data Centers
AZZ’s turnkey data centers are custom-engineered with flexibility and efficiency in mind.