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Integrated manufacturing capability for both standard and custom solutions

Powergrid Solutions designs and manufactures standard and custom-built power generation and distribution equipment.

Powergrid Solutions (PSI) designs, engineers, and manufactures low and medium-voltage power quality, power generation, and distribution equipment. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, our business started in 1982 as Shallbetter, Inc. In 2015, the name changed to Powergrid Solutions Inc. (PSI) to embrace the vast diversity of products the company produces. Those products range from metal-enclosed capacitor banks to 35kV metal-clad switchgear reaching 100′ in length.

PSI focuses its operations around five essential core values; Customization, Flexibility, Quality, Value, and Service. While other companies sell what they manufacture, PSI manufactures what the customer purchases, which accurately meets their needs. Visit our products and services pages below to view what PSI can do for you.

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