Harsh Environment and Hazardous Location Lighting

Over 75 years of dependable performance

Effective, reliable illumination is essential to safety and efficient operation. AZZ advanced lighting solutions, such as our Rig-a-Lite brand, have set the standard for a broad range of industries that are home to some of the world’s toughest settings, including offshore rigs, production refineries, chemical plants and more. Providing a diverse and growing portfolio of LED solutions, AZZ’s purpose-built designs provide the unique benefit of field-replaceable circuit boards and drivers. And with a high degree of serviceability, individual components can be replaced as needed, maximizing service life while lowering total cost of ownership. 

Get to know the latest addition to our rugged LED lineup

Since its inception, RIG-A-LITE's SAF series has upheld a reputation as the industry's leading choice for lighting industrial and hazardous environments. With the all-new HZALJ LED luminaire, we're taking durability, performance, efficiency and installation flexibility to an even higher level.




Oil Field Lighting
Energy-efficient and easy to maintain lighting, well suited to meet the most demanding requirements
Industrial Lighting
Rugged options designed to withstand harsh conditions, including explosive gases, fibers and dusts
Marine Lighting
Corrosion-resistant lighting solutions that are a natural fit for damp and wet environments
Food Processing Lighting
Exceptional lighting rated for wash down and heavy hose down areas, ideal for food processing applications