Mechanical Integrity Services

Reducing outage duration and increasing uptime for industrial assets

AZZ Specialty Welding (AZZ WSI LLC)  is the worldwide leader in developing and delivering specialized installation and maintenance solutions through automated welding, weld cladding and weld overlay technologies that extend the lifetime and maximize the value of assets throughout the energy industry. As the largest and most experienced provider of component critical installation, repair, and life extension services, AZZ Specialty Welding has delivered structural weld overlay, weld cladding, and automated welding solutions to address planned and emergency response solutions to many of the largest international companies in the energy industry. AZZ Specialty Welding can improve your unit return-on-investment, while safely reducing risk and improving equipment availability and performance. 

Pressure Vessel Services
Permanent repair solutions that extend operational lifespan of a wide range of pressure vessels
Pipe & Piping System Services
The largest provider of machine orbital pipe welding services for refineries, nuclear plants and fossil plants.
Nozzle Services
Onsite solutions to restore the pressure boundary and reduce the effects of corrosion/erosion affecting nozzles in vessels
Boiler Services
Boiler life extension solutions that are industry standards
Heater & Furnace Services
Specialty machine welding solutions specifically configured to address difficult U-bend welds found in heaters and furnaces
Coke Drum Services
Industry leading life extension and repair processes to address low cycle fatigue failure
Waterwall Services
World's largest installed base for the mitigation of fireside corrosion
Superheater, Reheater & Economizer Services
Over 30-year's experience in the protection of upper furnace components
Digester Services
Patented duplex stainless welding technology for corrosion protection