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Aztec Manufacturing establishes its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas

Aztec Manufacturing designs and distributes steel, iron, metal, and plastic products for the oil field industry.


Rapid sales lead to rapid expansion.

Increase in the manufacture and sale of pup joints makes Aztec one of the three largest producers in the U.S.


Galvanizing expands Aztec’s portfolio

Aztec builds its first hot dip galvanizing plant in Crowley, Texas.

1970 - 1985

Galvanizing provides a strong base for growth.

Additional state-of-the-art galvanizing facilities are built in:

  • Jackson, Mississippi (1970)
  • Houston, Texas (1975)
  • Waskom, Texas (1982)
  • Moss Point, Mississippi (1985)



A new direction leads to new acquisition.

Seeking to expand into adjacent industries, Aztec acquires Rig-A-Lite Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting for oil, gas, and other hazardous environments.


The Calvert Company becomes part of Aztec’s growth plan.

Acquisition of The Calvert Company takes Aztec into the field of electrical bus duct systems design and installation.


The Electrical Products Group is born.

By combining Atkinson, Calvert and Rig-A-Lite Inc., The Electrical Products Group is formed and Aztec moves into fabricated enclosure systems. 

1994 - 1996

Expansion and consolidation spur growth.

With a total of eight galvanizing operations, Aztec establishes itself as the largest galvanizing company in the U.S.


Aztec Manufacturing is listed on the NYSE as “AZZ.”


Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission (CGIT) business takes Aztec into new territory.

Aztec acquires a CGIT business and becomes involved in long-distance power transmission.


Aztec becomes AZZ Incorporated.


Central Electric Manufacturing is added to AZZ’s portfolio.

With the acquisition of Central Electric Manufacturing, AZZ adds metal-clad switchgear to its growing electrical product portfolio.


Galvanizing operations continue to grow.

AZZ acquires North American Galvanizing Company which operates 11 facilities in eight states.

2012 - 2013

AZZ galvanizing locations to 36; Becomes the largest galvanizer in North America

Galvcast Manufacturing, and G3 Galvanizing along with Galvan Metal of Quebec is added to the AZZ portfolio.


Nuclear solutions are added to AZZ’s service offering.

Nuclear Logistics Inc., the leading supplier of parts and services to the nuclear power industry, is acquired by AZZ. 


Welding strengthens AZZ’s portfolio.

AZZ acquires Aquilex SRO; adds Welding Services Inc (WSI) and Southeastern Mechanical Service, two leading providers of machine weld overlay, to its growing portfolio.



AZZ unveils new corporate look and logo.


AZZ increases galvanizing locations to 42

AZZ acquires the six galvanizing locations of U.S. Galvanizing LLC, from Trinity Industries.


AZZ increases galvanizing locations to 43

AZZ acquires the six galvanizing locations of U.S. Galvanizing LLC, from Trinity Industries, and one location from Olsen Industries.


AZZ Enclosure Systems LLC is formed

AZZ Inc. acquires Maryland-based Power Electronics Inc, strengthening its position in the fabrication of custom electrical enclosures, and forms AZZ Enclosure Systems LLC.


AZZ expands Metal Coatings Solutions

AZZ opens first powder coating operation in Crowley, Texas and strategically expands its metal coatings product portfolio beyond galvanizing.


Switchgear offering bolstered with the acquisition of Powergrid Solutions Inc.

Strategic acquisition expands AZZ's switchgear portfolio, manufacturing capacity and market reach.


Enhanced Powder Coating Ltd. acquired

AZZ Inc. acquired Enhanced Powder Coating Ltd (EPC), a NADCAP certified provider of powder coating, plating and anodizing services based in Gainesville, Texas.


AZZ Metal Coatings Locations Grows to 45

Rogers Brothers, a leading provider of galvanizing in Northern Illinois, is acquired by AZZ. 


AZZ Enclosure Systems - Chattanooga LLC is formed

AZZ Inc. acquires certain assets of Tennessee-based Lectrus Corporation, strengthening its position in the fabrication of custom electrical enclosures, and forms AZZ Enclosure Systems - Chattanooga LLC.


Tennessee Galvanizing Inc. acquisition adds Chattanooga location

AZZ acquires Tennessee Galvanizing Inc., in Chattanooga Tennessee 


AZZ Surface Technologies adds locations

AZZ Surface Technologies acquires K2 Partners, Inc., NucZinc, LLC., and Preferred Industries, Ltd. expanding the number of locations in Dallas-Fort Worth six and one in Tampa, Florida.


AZZ Divests Nuclear Logistics LLC

AZZ Inc, seeking to focus on its core business units, sells Nuclear Logistics LLC to Paragon Energy Solutions,