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Meeting modern packaging needs with innovative applications

Versatile solutions and FDA-compliant options for today’s demands in the packaging industry

As the leading independent coater, we excel in applying decorative and functional coatings and film laminates on light gauge aluminum, tin mill products, and cold-rolled steel. Our innovative PCM Foundations includes coatings that meet stringent FDA food safety requirements associated with many container applications. AZZ Precoat Metals is the leading provider of metal coil coating solutions that meet today’s demand in the shift to recycled aluminum.



  • Food and Beverage Containers – Caps and Closures; Tabs; Ends; Can Bodies
  • General Line Containers – Aerosol Valve Cups; Decorative and Functional Packaging
  • Barrels, Drums and Pails
  • Other Containers and Packaging – Tanks and Cylinders; Ordnance; Strapping and Seals

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