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Experience and industry expertise have made Aztec Tubular Products the trusted source for custom services

Unmatched custom services for exceptional field performance

Experience and industry expertise have made Aztec Tubular Products the trusted source for custom services. From forging and non-destructive testing to thread protection measure and hydrostatic testing, we are well equipped to address your unique product needs. Services include:

Heat treating services

Quench and temper (Q&T) and normalizing (Norm) heat treatment services.

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All tubular products are inspected after heat treatment and straightened as required to ensure that they comply with API specifications.

Hydrostatic testing

Aztec full-length tubing products are tested per API 5CT specification with a maximum of 10,000 PSI after the connection is applied.

Drift testing

Ensures tubular products meet the specification set forth by the API, giving confidence that tools, smaller pipe, and other items can safely pass through the pipe.

Upsetting and threading

Both upsetting and threading services based on the exacting specifications of our customers, including premium thread designs.

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CNC machining 

On-site CNC lathe operations allow for machine/thread pipe according to established API specifications. We can also machine/thread as needed for special customer requirements.

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Paint colors and stenciling make our pup joints clearly distinguishable from monogrammed products. Identity marking for grade J-55 = AZTEC TESTED 7000 PSI (color = pea green), for grade N-80 = AZTEC TESTED 10000 PSI (color = Chinese red).

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Thread inspection/gauging

Pipe threads inspected, both visually and with the use of precision gauges, ensure compliance with customer requirements and/or API specifications.  This process ensures trouble-free connections once the pipe is in the field.

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NDT/EMI Services

Aztec Tubing Products is a leading service provider of both NDT and EMI testing services delivering technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification for oil country tubular products.

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