Adventure Park, located in Pigeon Forge near East Tennessee, is inspired by lumberjacks and the local logging industry. The park has many family friendly attractions like obstacle courses, competitions, a treetop free fall and rides. The Flying Ox is the world’s first cable-to-rail zip line roller coaster. At 1,000 feet long and 80 feet high, the Flying Ox dominates the landscape of Lumberjack Square.

Climbworks Design, Holmes Solutions and Steelworks Supply worked together to build this unique project. Charlie Deathridge of Climbworks Design said he and the owners knew from the beginning they wanted to utilize hot-dip galvanizing to limit the challenges and costs associated with maintaining such a structure.

To help make that vision a reality, the team turned to AZZ Galvanizing – Nashville, which hot-dip galvanized pipe, rolled pipe, beams, a spiral staircase and strut arms for the attraction.

This roller coaster recently won the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) Artistic award for its innovative use of hot-dip galvanized steel.


The Flying Ox is both beautiful in design and structure. The rollercoaster was designed to be a piece of art that would attract families to the park. The design was challenging because of its cable-to-rail zip line features. The artists combined hot-dip galvanizing with paint to create a finish that could endure corrosion for years to come.

Why the Designer Chose Hot-Dip Galvanizing

The designers chose hot-dip galvanizing because of its sustainability. The rollercoaster was made to withstand hot summers and cold winters, which erode materials. Hot-dip galvanized steel addresses the economic and environmental factors while maintaining an artistic finish.

Project Recap

The success of this rollercoaster project and its high visibility at the park has made a positive impact in the galvanized steel market. The corrosion protection and aesthetics achieved from combining hot-dip galvanizing with paint have enhanced this project so families can enjoy the Flying Ox for years to come.

AZZ focuses on creating a stronger, safer world, evidenced by its focus on protecting infrastructure from corrosion. This project was an innovative way to show the possibilities of galvanizing. Learn more by exploring AZZ’s hot-dip galvanizing capabilities