AGA Awards: Grainland Cooperative

Grainland Cooperative in Eureka, IL experienced a massive explosion on the morning of July 30th, 2018. A corn dryer caught on fire, and the farmers feared that the upcoming harvest would be compromised. Grainland employs 200+ farmers and yields an annual average of six million bushels of corn.

Growmark and various fabricators (Lemar Industries, GSI, Bushnell Illinois tank) quickly helped reconstruct the facility to have it up and running for the 2019 harvest. This complete facility replacement recently won the “Newly Completed” award from the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) for its innovative use of hot-dip galvanizing steel.

AZZ Galvanizing – Peoria was critical in executing on the facility’s renewal, leveraging AZZ’s extensive experience in hot-dip galvanizing to ensure an expectation-exceeding result was achieved.


The food and agricultural industry accounts for roughly 5.4% of the United States’ GDP. Grainland and facilities like it play a critical role in the logistics of buying and selling corn and soybeans – a vital industry of the Midwest and beyond. Galvanizing steel is the premier material for agricultural architecture and was essential when building the new corn dryer. The product is perfect for coating durability, corrosion performance, ease of specifying and life-cycle cost.

Why the Designer Chose Hot-Dip Galvanizing

The designers chose hot-dip galvanizing because of its sustainability and ability to meet the requirement of a 50-year life with a low maintenance cost. The farms can face harsh natural elements that erode materials. Many of Grainland’s structures (all of the structural steel components, including the tower structures, conveyors, catwalks and railing) use the hot-dip galvanizing process because it is cost effective and enduring. This project used more than 1,200 tons of galvanized steel, which supports the growing demand for crops. Hot-dip galvanized steel addresses the economic and cultural factors that will make the Grainland facility successful for years to come.

Project Recap

Grainland Cooperative rallied after a massive corn dryer explosion. With the help of Growmark and various fabricators (Lemar Industries, GSI, Bushnell Illinois tank), Grainland Cooperative was quickly reconstructed with the use of galvanized steel. This complete facility replacement recently won an American Galvanizers Association (AGA) award for its quick action and innovative design.

AZZ focuses on creating a stronger, safer world, evidenced by our focus on protecting infrastructure from corrosion. This project was an innovative way to show the possibilities of galvanizing. Learn more about AZZ’s capabilities by exploring our hot dip galvanizing capabilities.