AZZ is at the forefront of renewable energy, with solutions to support growing investments across the grid

State renewable energy mandates, climate change awareness, and the electrification of transportation and buildings are driving investments across the grid. The shift towards renewable energy requires upgrades to the generation, transmission, and distribution of green energy. AZZ is ideally positioned to take advantage of this renewable secular growth trend.

Hot-dip Galvanizing


As North America’s largest galvanizer of fabricated steel, AZZ is a leading supplier of galvanizing to the renewable market. Hot-dip galvanizing provides the utility and T&D industry with corrosion protection for power transmission poles and lattice towers. To ensure wind and solar operations are a reliable power source, AZZ provides the proper corrosion protection needed for utility-scale racking systems, support structures, and other critical infrastructure assets.

E-Houses and Switchgear


RuggedSpec™ II Packaged Distribution Centers protect critical components, including relay and control panels, to battery energy storage systems (BESS). AZZ’s innovative switchgear offerings allow for the safe operation and connection of green energy to the grid.

Medium and High Voltage Bus Duct


AZZ’s Medium and High Voltage Bus Duct Systems are ideal for hydroelectric power applications, including pumped-storage hydropower. AZZ’s extensive knowledge and manufacturing capability translate to proven solutions that keep the world running today and into the future.