AZZ Partners Tout GalvaBar™ Benefits at WOC 2019

World of Concrete (WOC) is the world’s largest annual international commercial concrete construction and masonry event, amassing the newest equipment, products, training and expertise in one venue for businesses looking to increase efficiency and get the job done. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 21st through the 24th, this year’s symposium hosted over 1,500 exhibitors and 58,000 attendees, including AZZ. AZZ is a global provider of galvanizing, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and highly engineered services that support the power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial markets through protection of metal and electrical systems used to build and enhance the world’s infrastructure.

Several of AZZ’s partners were on hand, showcasing the amazing capabilities of AZZ’s revolutionary GalvaBar™ product. GalvaBar™ is galvanized rebar with specialized thin zinc alloy coating that combines the well-known corrosion protection of zinc and the added benefit of exceptional formability. GalvaBar™ can be bent, twisted, or stretched after galvanizing without cracking, peeling or flaking.

KRB, a 30-year leader in rebar fabrication machinery designed to reduce labor, increase output and improve operator safety, demonstrated the flexibility GalvaBar™ provides in their systems in Booth #2714 (North). The Schnell Group, a supplier of integrated and customized solutions offering a complete range of equipment to meet all the needs of the industrialized reinforcement processing market, also exhibited the advantageous bendability of GalvaBar™ in Booth #2722 (North). Aegion is a multinational company providing pipeline services including the protection, rehabilitation, engineering and design of infrastructure projects for a wide range of industries. They informed attendees at Booth #3042 (North) how the anti-corrosivity and formability of Galvabar™ has enhanced their transformational solutions. And in Booth #2805 (North), CRS Specialties, leaders in the design and manufacture of complete rebar cutting, bending and material handling systems, demonstrated the importance of GalvaBar’s unique capabilities in helping to advance the rebar industry.

For AZZ, WOC was a phenomenal success, allowing us to spread the word about our Galvabar™ product and its wide array of applications in a multitude of businesses. Many thanks to our partners—CRS Specialties, Aegion, Schnell Goup, and KRB—for their insightful demonstrations and complimentary word of mouth.

For more information about innovative GalvaBar™, contact AZZ today.