Case Studies

Aquatics Center

McKinney, Texas was chosen by Money Magazine in 2014 as the best place to live in the country. When you visit, it’s not difficult to see why. This town of 161,905 people is prosperous, forward-thinking, and boasts many great events and places for families to enjoy. One of these excellent facilities is the recently constructed McKinney Aquatics Center, a sustainably built recreation center for kids and families looking to escape the Texas heat while still being active together. AZZ Galvanizing – Crowley was proud to help with the construction of such a wonderful facility, and was recently recognized for its work on the project by the American Galvanizers Association for Excellence in Hot Dip Galvanizing.

This new center was constructed after several years of dreaming, planning, and coordinating. Featuring a gymnasium, sports court, elevated track, child care area, classrooms, locker rooms and a 10,000-square foot pool—the $30 million, 80,000-square-foot facility is an incredible asset to the community. Project leaders expect it to be fully self-sustaining in three years.

One particularly exciting aspect of the project is the sustainable manner in which it was built. The core of the center is formed by hot-dip galvanized steel to ensure several generations of McKinney citizens will be able to enjoy it. This zinc-coated material is long-lasting, offering corrosion protection as well as consistent, rust-free beauty. Vastly superior to paint that would deteriorate consistently over time and need to be frequently reapplied, hot-dip galvanized steel is maintenance-free.

AZZ Galvanizing – Crowley is very pleased to have played such a central role in the construction of this beautiful facility and looks forward to seeing McKinney families enjoy it for years to come.