Case Studies


AZZ Galvanizing - greenhouse

Date galvanized: 2010

The greenhouse was a perfect candidate for the use of hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel. Since the plants grown in the greenhouse require routine watering, the tenacious, water-resistant coating that forms from the zinc patina protects the steel from the corrosive, wet environment. The HDG layer also provides resistance to the dings and dents incurred during everyday work.

Galvanizing was also chosen because of its low life-cycle cost. The first cost is the last cost for projects utilizing HDG coating, providing the owner with no additional expenses for maintenance and upkeep. The galvanized coating was the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious customer because of its 100 percent recyclability, making this an earth friendly solution for corrosion protection. The clean, sharp appearance of the HDG coating was a complement to the colorful plant life in the green house, making the plants stand out and appeal more to customers.

The manufacturer firmly believes HDG steel sets them apart from the competition. The optimum corrosion protection offered by hot-dip galvanizing provides a critical advantage over any other maintenance intense option utilized by competitors. In spite of the daily exposure to forklifts, pallets and chemicals, the greenhouse owner will enjoy a facility that is safe, bright, cost effective and corrosion free for decades.