Private Bridge

The owner of this bridge had experience with hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) and knew it would withstand the corrosive nature of truck, tractor and automobile traffic. He also knew the maintenance-free nature of galvanized steel meant no additional time or money would be wasted on upkeep for the bridge.

Date galvanized: 2010

The owner plans to retain the property for generations, as it serves his existing farm and proposed new home. The entirely galvanized bridge would eliminate costly repainting in years to come, making the initial investment the only cost the family will ever need for corrosion protection. Also, as a farmer,  the owner wanted to protect the land by using natural, environmentally friendly corrosion technology. Galvanized steel is both natural and 100 percent recyclable. 

This bridge is unique for the community, where most of the neighboring farms use wooden structures that limit usage due to weight restrictions. Others use corrugated pipe bridges that can be blocked by debris and create flooding problems. This bridge shows that even a small farm can benefit from economical galvanized steel.

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