Calf-Tel Group Yard Gates

Nurturing healthy dairy calves presents a significant challenge. The shift from individual housing to a group environment marks a crucial transition that not only socializes the animals but also profoundly influences their long-term health.

A well-maintained, expansive enclosure enables calves to move with freedom, encouraging natural behaviors like lying down, standing, and exploration. This, in turn, fosters improved muscle development and enhances their overall well-being. Moreover, the provision of a clean, spacious, and sanitary environment reflects a dedication to upholding animal welfare standards and ethical principles. It underscores a firm commitment to the well-being of animals entrusted to human care.

Calf-Tel, a dairy farm equipment supplier situated in Germantown, Wisconsin, specializes in crafting enclosure systems that annually provide a secure haven for approximately two million calves. At the forefront of their offerings is the pioneering Group Yard System, a comprehensive housing and steel fencing solution that not only grants calves access to natural light, improved ventilation, and extra legroom but also creates an environment conducive to embracing their innate behaviors. According to Calf-Tel, weaned calves may not be fully prepared for the challenges of the “real world,” yet they derive significant benefits from socializing, and the group housing setting is precisely tailored to cater to this crucial stage of development.

The Calf-Tel system contributes to lower mortality rates, and limit overall treatment cost, resulting in enhanced calf growth. The durable high strength galvanized fencing system of this modular setup provides extra space for calves that results in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Livestock produce waste that can contain corrosive substances, such as ammonia and acids. Over time, exposure to these substances can accelerate corrosion of metal components. Additionally, humidity and exposure to rain or other forms of moisture can contribute to the corrosion of metal structures, particularly if proper drainage is not in place. Even behaviors like chewing or licking, which can expose metal surfaces to moisture and saliva, can lead to corrosion.

Earlier iterations of a comparable product utilized pre-galvanized pipe or tube, but the visible deterioration and failures resulting from corrosion in open sea containers were deemed unacceptable by the market. The decision to transition to local hot-dip galvanizing has proven highly effective, offering comprehensive protection to the pipe both internally and externally in the corrosive environment of dairies. This shift ensures a lasting defense against corrosion. Unlike the cold galvanizing joints found in prior versions, hot-dip galvanizing delivers a significantly superior finish.

The horizontal tubing seamlessly passes through the vertical member and undergoes welding, creating a robust and high-strength gate system. This design ensures durability, making it well-equipped to withstand the daily wear and tear of farm use. Although galvanized gates and fencing like this may entail a higher initial cost compared to painted fencing, the corrosion resistance offered by the Thru-Tube system surpasses that of standard fencing commonly found on dairy farms. Additionally, the comprehensive galvanizing of both the outside and inside of the tube guarantees weather-resistant durability and a sustained cost advantage over the long term, benefiting the dairy farm for many years to come.

Inside-out hot-dip galvanization process provides pervasive protection against rust and corrosion protection resulting in superior longevity.

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