Commercial vehicle supplier makes AZZ its one-stop-shop for Surface Technologies

A global commercial vehicle supplier was searching for a strategic partner with the expertise, capabilities, and capacity to serve as the sole metal finishing vendor for its operations in Texas.

The customer believed that moving from multiple vendors to a partnership with one service provider in close proximity would increase efficiency and turnaround while decreasing cost.

A Trusted Supplier Offers the Solution for Improving Production Efficiencies and Reducing Costs

AZZ has been a trusted partner of the customer for more than 25 years providing wet painting and powder coating technologies. Expanding that relationship made AZZ a natural selection for this opportunity.

The first step in accomplishing the consolidation of services was the installation of an inventory control system at AZZ’s facility followed by a conversion from liquid coating to powder coating, and the addition of warehousing and distribution into the same facility. Over the next three years AZZ remained responsive to the evolving needs of the customer to become a one-stop shop for all of their coating needs.

The successful consolidation streamlined the customers operations, decreased turnaround times, and eliminated logistics.

AZZ invested a substantial amount of time, money, labor, and upgrades to its facility. All of this enabled AZZ to develop a comprehensive solution for its long-term customer, as well as better serve other customers with increased capacity and enhanced capabilities.

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