Emmanuel Cross

The ultimate symbol for all members and guests when they arrive at the Emmanuel Christian Center. This Cross sits outside the front door and welcomes all. When Emmanuel Christian Center built their new facility in Elk River, Minnesota, they knew immediately what they wanted: a very large Cross to welcome people to their place of worship.

Knowing that crosses are traditionally made of wood, the church took a different approach to ensure an impressive tribute capable of lasting decades – and without the need for frequent, expensive and time-consuming maintenance such as staining or painting. To make their dream a reality, ECC chose hot-dip galvanized steel.

Church leaders went to Nate Mace Jr. of Montgomery Brinkman Total Facility Services and shared their vision. Nate was familiar with other crosses that have been constructed in the area and was committed to making sure that Emmanuel’s project would both stand tall and stand the test of time. The ambitious design called for a 33’ tall cross with a 10’ wide span. As a steel fabricator, Nate was familiar with hot-dip galvanizing and entrusted his local galvanizer to provide the necessary support to make this project a success.

Ensuring an even coating of zinc on long structures can be challenging. Variations in the thickness of the coating might occur due to the geometry of the structure, leading to areas with insufficient coating or excess buildup. Additionally, proper drainage of excess zinc and removal of air pockets from lengthy components is crucial. Trapped air pockets or inadequate drainage can result in incomplete galvanizing or rough surfaces. To address these challenges, specialized venting, handling processes and quality control measures are often employed in galvanizing facilities dealing with long structures. Additionally, careful planning and technical expertise are essential to ensure the effective galvanizing of large fabrications.

As part of the design process, AZZ recommended several design best practices to make the project a success. Additional holes were recommended (at optimal placement) to provide proper zinc drainage and a progressive dipping process was employed to accommodate the large structure. During the coating process, the galvanizer also took meticulous measures to avoid any distortion and warping to the long, thin structure.

Now complete, ECC’s impressive cross stands tall near the front entrance of the church and serves as a warm welcome to both the congregation and visitors. Its galvanized zinc finish unobtrusively blends with surroundings while remaining the primary focal point. With a prominent location within the community, countless residents of Elk River will witness this powerful symbol as they pass by the church for decades to come.

The end result is impressive; it reminds all Christians what the cross stands for.

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