Greenhouse Water and Irrigation System

The greenhouse was a perfect candidate for the use of hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel. Since the plants grown in the greenhouse require routine watering, the tenacious, water-resistant coating that forms from the zinc patina protects the steel from the corrosive, wet environment.

Greenhouses customers and environmental conscientiousness often go hand-in-hand, which made a leading greenhouse manufacturer’s choice of a galvanized coating for its greenhouses a no-brainer. The galvanized coating applied by AZZ was the perfect choice because of its 100% recyclability, making this an earth-friendly solution for corrosion protection, as well as helping out the bottom line because of its low life-cycle cost.  

The manufacturer was well aware of the highly corrosive aspects of the greenhouse environment and the importance of protecting its high-tech automated systems including the irrigation systems, booms and conveyer equipment, The company was also aware hot-dip galvanizing produces a metallurgically bonded zinc-iron alloy layers that not only creates a barrier between the steel and the environment, but also cathodically protects the steel. The bond strength of HDG steel is around 3,600 psi, which makes it extremely abrasion resistant and provides long-term, maintenance-free protection from corrosion in this challenging environment. As a result HDG quickly became the foundation of protection for all of the company’s irrigation and conveying systems. 

Additionally, the manufacturer works closely with their customers to provide specialized, custom-built systems for the near endless variations of greenhouse applications around the world. HDG provides fast turn times, including the occasional same-day coating that allows the company to react quickly and adjust to unexpected design revisions while maintaining a customer’s tight production schedule. Many of its designs incorporate the strength and versatility of tube steel products. These hollow sections are impossible for most coating systems to protect. Fortunately, HDG provides equal long term protection for all interior surfaces, thus preventing undetected internal corrosion from compromising the structural integrity of the steel. 

Obviously, the selected corrosion protection must be environmentally friendly and pose no risk to the plants and produce within the greenhouse environment. Again, HDG fits the bill, as zinc occurs naturally throughout the earth including plants, animals and the food we eat. Zinc is essential for the growth and development of all life. In fact, zinc is found in every cell in our bodies and is a fundamental element for human growth and development.

The end result: an advanced and highly-sustainable coating solution that’s perfectly suited for this innovative and environmentally conscience manufacturer!    

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