The manufacturer has been producing truck lifts for years; however, in coastal and Northern markets, they were battling premature corrosion on their painted gates.

The longest-lasting finish we have found

As an industry leader, the company’s president felt this corrosion was unacceptable. “Many of our customers have high profile trucks and trailers with expensive graphics as part of their marketing for their company and products. They do not want a rusty piece of equipment hanging off the back end of their trucks and trailers.” 

The manufacturer approached AZZ and began working on a few minor design changes to develop a liftgate for hot-dip galvanizing. Once the design was finalized, the hot-dip galvanized liftgates were galvanized quickly and effectively. 

The durable barrier and cathodic protection provided by hot-dip galvanizing will be able to combat the abrasive environment of road salts and impact from dollies, skids and other items loaded on it. The manufacturer noted hot-dip galvanizing was “proving to be the longest lasting finish that we have found to apply to our products.” They are now advertising a 10-year warranty on the galvanized gates

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