MSG Sphere – Guardrail

As Las Vegas’ newest iconic landmark, the MSG Sphere has captivated visitors since its official opening in September of 2023. Standing at a towering height of 366 feet and spanning an impressive width of 516 feet, this structure claims the title of the world's largest spherical object

Within its confines, you’ll find 10,000 immersive seats and space for an additional 20,000 attendees in a standing capacity. All of this unfolds beneath a colossal dome-shaped screen that envelops the audience both around and above.

A 6-foot concrete wall encircles part of the massive structure, necessitating a guardrail for both safety and aesthetics. The 300 feet of rail seamlessly integrates into the architectural design of the Sphere. The pickets of the rail were crafted at an angle to match the structural steel on the Sphere, ensuring a harmonious and unified appearance.

To extend the guardrail’s longevity for decades to come, hot-dip galvanizing was specified. Desert climates often experience extreme temperatures, including intense heat during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Hot-dip galvanizing provides excellent protection against the corrosive effects of both high temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Additionally, intense sunlight and solar radiation in desert regions can accelerate the degradation of coatings. When compared to paint alternatives, hot-dip galvanizing is known for its ability to withstand UV radiation and offers long-lasting, maintenance free protection against the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Urban environments with high visitor traffic pose their own unique corrosion challenges. These areas can have elevated levels of air pollution, which may contribute to corrosion. Hot-dip galvanized coatings are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion caused by pollutants, making them well-suited for handrails in busy urban environments such as the Las Vegas Strip. In settings such as a popular concert and tourist venues such as the Sphere, handrails may experience wear and tear due to high levels of pedestrian traffic. Hot-dip galvanized coatings are resistant to abrasion, helping to maintain the integrity of the coating even in areas with frequent use.

To complement its angled pickets, the galvanized coating’s neutral gray zinc patina allows the Sphere’s guardrail to blend into various architectural and environmental surroundings. This adaptability enhances the rail’s ability to complement the color scheme of a gray wall without clashing with the overall design.

As an environmentally friendly solution, the longevity of galvanized rail contributes directly to sustainability by minimizing the demand for raw materials and the energy-intensive manufacturing processes required for replacements. This not only conserves resources but also reduces the overall environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of guardrail materials.

By working closely with AZZ during the crucial design phase, the guardrail’s fabricator benefited from specialized expertise, ensuring that the designed rail met performance standards and was constructed for successful coating. AZZ assisted with the placement of vent and drain holes and advised the fabricator to crop the corners to minimize the risk of entrapment. Without question, the close and ongoing collaboration between galvanizer and fabricator helped ensure important timelines were met on the high-profile project.

When it comes to longevity in an urban or desert environment, hot-dip galvanizing is second to none. This consensus is echoed by reputable entities involved in the completion of Sin City’s latest attraction, including W&W Steel Erectors, Intrepid Metal Works, Populous Architectural, AECOM Hunt, and MSG Sphere!

When it comes to corrosion protection for guardrail, you won’t find anything better than hot-dip galvanizing.

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