Rear Frame and Bumper Assembly

Committed to longevity and quality, one of the largest tractor trailer manufacturers in the US approached AZZ in need of protection for their rear frame and bumper assemblies.

Best coating for the long haul!

Date galvanized: 2010

The manufacturer noted “corrosion is one of the largest problems facing our industry today.” 

AZZ supplied information on hot-dip galvanizing’s long, maintenance-free performance and showed them many examples of hot-dip galvanized steel protecting truck and trailer bodies successfully. Knowing their trailers are subjected to a multitude of corrosive elements, including road salts, AZZ  had captured the manufacturer’s attention. They conducted independent research and discovered the initial cost of hot-dip galvanizing was extremely competitive with the paint system they were utilizing, and the life-cycle cost was far superior. 

In addition to the cost savings, they were also impressed with the lasting aesthetic of the coating. Hot-dip galvanizing could remain corrosion-free throughout the trailer’s service life, thus eliminating unsightly corrosion staining. Thanks to the consistent performance and appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel, the manufacturer’s trucks and trailers will give a better image to any product they are transporting well into the future.

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