Ski Lift

Ski lifts need to be built to withstand cold winter conditions and the abrasive dings and dents often incurred to recreation equipment. This is the main reason why the ski lift at a resort was hot-dip galvanized (HDG).

Unmatched corrosion protection

Galvanized: 2010

The durable coating of galvanized steel can withstand the corrosive nature of these elements due to the sacrificial bond the zinc creates with the steel. Additionally, the appearance of the dulled HDG coating was able to be customized to meet the reflectivity requirements of the USDA Forest Service. Since zinc is a naturally occurring element and is 100 percent recyclable, the structure also fits the sustainability needs of the customer. 

The recreation business requires that safety be at the top of the list, since thousands of skiers put their trust in the equipment every day. While the benefits of HDG are often taken for granted, customers can rest knowing the lift will always get them to the top of the mountain without encountering maintenance closures.

Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) has exhibited time and time again that when safety, durability, life-cycle cost, aesthetics and sustainability are concerned, no other form of corrosion protection can match it. The superior, maintenance-free protection provided by AZZ, will ensure this ski lift remains standing strong for thousands of daily enthusiasts to enjoy for many more decades.

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