Supplier of aircraft seats needed a powder coating provider that could fly

A leading, global supplier of commercial aircraft seats consistently faced the challenge of fulfilling orders requiring fast turnaround times.

The supplier needed a metal coatings vendor with high-volume production capabilities, high-quality standards in line with the aviation industry, and the agility to fill expedited orders on a regular basis.

They reached out to AZZ, a leading North American provider of surface technologies, for a solution. AZZ was up to the challenge with certifications in accordance with the stringent quality standards of the industries we serve, including aerospace, and state-of-the-art, highly automated operations with high-volume capacity. To meet the needs of its new customer, AZZ implemented operating procedures which include the dispatching of trucks to its customer’s facility twice a day to pick up and deliver parts, as well as whenever needed with just 30 minutes notice.

A Successful Supply Chain Partner is a Competitive Advantage

AZZ now provides chemical surface treatments, wet painting, anodizing, and metal plating services for the aircraft seats supplier and has consistently met its requirements for expedited orders, enabling it to remain competitive within the commercial aviation industry and to avoid the substantial fines imposed by the airlines when orders are not delivered on time.

AZZ’s performance has resulted in a significant gain of business, not only from the aircraft seat supplier itself but also from its machine shop vendors, which all received recommendations to use AZZ’s services. AZZ has become an integral supply chain partner with ample opportunities for the expansion of its services to additional facilities and locations.

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