Town Center

This suburban community, known for its natural resources, has a history of taking a long term view of community development. Establishing parks and creating quality, recreational and open space opportunities is a high priority for the city.

Protection for generations to come

Galvanized: 2010

The Town Center Park is to be the center of a new commercial life-style. The “build it, and they will come” approach for this development dictated that durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, sustainable materials be used. The result is a beautiful venue that will provide low maintenance relaxation and entertainment for the residents of this community.

AZZ Galvanizing was chosen to protect the structures from the elements, including the cold Northern winters, humid summers, and human contact. The galvanized bridge and handrails used in the park will withstand the attack from common liquid de-icers and rock salt, necessary to keep residents safe from icy conditions.  Low maintenance requirements, combined with a high level of functionality and safety, will make this a favorite recreation spot for generations to come.

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