USS Arizona WWII Memorial Site

"Their light will continue to go on and stand through the test of time."


The Salt River Field USS Arizona Memorial Gardens is a tribute to those that served and continue to serve onboard the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. A project with such gravity requires exceptional attention to detail and reverence when considering the fabrication and finishing methods. Ideally, the site is visited at dusk and patrons stay past dark to see the Memorial Columns lit. The columns that light up represent the 1,177 lives lost of a total of 1,512 crew members of the USS Arizona.

“Their light will continue to go on and stand through the test of time.”

All of the tube steel columns representing all the crew members were hot-dip galvanized by AZZ Galvanizing – Arizona, and 1,177 of those tubes have a translucent tube as part of the column which lights up at night to represent the lives lost during the attack.

Hot-dip galvanizing was chosen primarily for the longevity and consistency of the coating. The natural gray tones that hot-dip galvanizing exhibits were also a compelling factor when considering that the typical battleship gray is commonly used on Navy vessels.

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