AZZ Precoat Metals Invests $110 Million in New Manufacturing Facility in Washington, MO, Creating Jobs and Boosting Economic Growth

In a significant development for the Washington, MO region, AZZ Precoat Metals is set to establish its first manufacturing facility in the area marking a monumental step forward for both the company and the community.

“This is a big day for Washington,” exclaimed Sal Maniaci, Washington Community and Economic Development Director. “The scope of this project is impressive on its own, and we are thrilled for the economic growth AZZ Precoat Metals’ commitment will bring to the region. This is the beginning of a great partnership.”

The manufacturing plant, located in the newly inaugurated 115-acre Oldenburg Industrial Park, is scheduled to be operational by 2025. This 250,000-square-foot facility is expected to generate employment for approximately 80 people. The initial investment for the project is estimated at $110 million, with an additional $25 million earmarked for investment over the next 15 years.

Live feed of new Washington, MO facility construction

The strategic choice of Washington as the company’s newest location will meet the demand for its metal coil coating and processing services while allowing for the innovation of new products. Kurt Russell, Chief Operating Officer of AZZ Precoat Metals, noted, “We selected the Washington location due to the growing economic development occurring in the area. Additionally, the close proximity to our existing operations ensures local engineering and operational resources will be available for a timely startup and ensures training and staffing assistance will be close by. We are very pleased to have secured a location with several logistical advantages, including rail service and Mississippi River barge access, and is ideally situated near several substrate providers and our customer base.”

The expansion in Washington is part of AZZ Precoat Metals’ continued growth strategy. Upon its completion, the company will operate a total of 14 facilities, featuring 16 coating lines and 19 value-added processing lines. The expansion aligns with the company’s goals, as Precoat has already secured customer contracts to account for more than 75 percent of the new total capacity.

Maggie Kost, acting director of the Department of Economic Development, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “AZZ Precoat Metals is another example of a great company continuing to grow in Missouri. We’re grateful for our partners who helped secure this investment and another positive impact for the community and our state.”

This expansion underscores AZZ Precoat Metals’ commitment to growth and innovation while simultaneously bolstering Washington’s economic prospects and creating new employment opportunities. It is a testament to the strong partnership between the company, the city, and the state, demonstrating their collective dedication to a brighter future.

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