Duplex Coat

Duplex Coat System

The application of powder coating in conjunction with galvanizing provides an additional protective barrier to galvanized steel, extending the life of substrates and structures, and applies color for aesthetics or compliance with safety codes.  The synergistic effect of the combined process can extend corrosion protection 1.5 to 2.3 times longer than either process used independantly.

The performance of powder coating is dependant on proper surface preparation and correct formulation of the power coating.  As a leading provider of metal coating solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada, AZZ provides quality assurance and comprehensive customer support you can trust. 

AZZ provides powder coat services to customers throughout the U.S. from our locations in both Texas and Florida, and hot-dip galvanizing from more than 40 locations in North America.  Our facilities can handle any items of any size from small parts to large poles.  Our Crowley, Texas facility, for exampe, is home to the nation's largest powder coat curing oven and is capable of powder coating items up to 60 feet in length..