AZZ’s New Crowley Facility Does It All in Record Breaking Style

Everything is bigger in Texas” is not some empty saying.  Thanks to AZZ, Texas now boasts the largest powder coating cure oven in the United States. Measuring 60 feet long, the staggering size of the new AZZ cure oven located in Crowley, Texas, dwarfs all others in the country.  Able to perform the highest quality powder coating and much more, the AZZ Crowley facility's capabilities are as jaw-dropping as its size! 

With this Texas-sized oven, AZZ's new facility makes the eye-popping colors of powder coating available to more customers than ever before.  With the continually increasing demand for a wide variety of vibrant hues and robust corrosion protection, powder coating has grown in popularity. Recognizing this growing popularity as an opportunity to better serve its customers, AZZ embarked upon a groundbreaking greenfield project by establishing a complete metal finishing operation and powder coat facility of record-breaking magnitude strategically located in Crowley. 

And the Crowley powder coat facility is no one-trick pony. Customers can now order “PowderGalv” duplex coating which is a powder coating applied over hot-dip galvanizing.  Prior to bringing the Crowley facility online, duplex coatings were not cost effective due to logistical challenges, but now this high-performance coating can all be done at AZZ’s Crowley location. Utilizing shop controlled processes, AZZ produces the highest quality, most durable duplex coatings which are also environmentally-friendly. In addition, due to AZZ’s strong, established relationships with leading coating manufacturers, AZZ is able to offer their customers a seemingly endless spectrum of color options for all of their projects.

As the most trusted name in metal protection, AZZ has the knowledge and experience to get even the most complex coating jobs done right the first time. Where other competitors lack the expertise, financial strength, and corporate stability, AZZ stands out as the most reputable and reliable metal coatings partner.

With the addition of the Crowley, Texas powder coat facility and its 60-foot cure oven, AZZ now does it all in one place. Serving Texas and the South Central United States, the record setting Crowley facility offers powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, duplex coating, blasting, Natina steel, and ground line protection. AZZ's Crowley location is a one-stop shop for all your metal protection needs!

To learn more about AZZ’s industry leading powder coating solutions, visit us online at today!