Case Studies

Aggregate Recycling Plant

AZZ Galvanizing - aggregate recycling plant

A Desert Tough Coating


Galvanized: 2010

The plant, located in the Middle East, is designed to recycle concrete products. The facility is subjected to constant UV rays, 120 degree plus heat, sand storms, as well as the abrasive conditions created by an aggregate crusher. Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel was the logical choice for this harsh environment because of its outstanding durability.

More than 1 million pounds of structural steel, conveyor sections, hoppers and stairway steel were galvanized for this project. The galvanized coating is harder than the substrate steel, a definite plus in a sandstorm. Hot-dip galvanizing is the most recycled product in the world, making the plant a mark of sustainability in both product and equipment. AZZ Galvanizing was the clear choice to protect the project in such severe conditions.


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