Corporate Social Compliance

One of the most impressive aspects about being a part of AZZ Inc. is ethical and talented people doing the right thing for our customers and for our country everyday.  AZZ’s success and reputation has been built upon a foundation of the highest social standards and business ethics. Managing expectations is a core value in doing what is right and AZZ’s high regard to Corporate Social Compliance is fundamental in what we do. No matter what job description, task or activity to be done, nothing can compromise the value of our adherence to our ethics and the laws governing the international business world. Simply stated, operating with integrity and with high ethical standards is what AZZ strives for as our way of doing business. Our Corporate Social Compliance consists of guideline and policies for dealing with customers, suppliers, other employees, competitors and the public with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.

As AZZ expands increasingly into the global market, it is crucially important that everyone at AZZ personalizes and internalizes social coporate responsibility into our standards, core beliefs and our dedication to conducting business with the highest  business ethics. Should you have any questions regarding Corporate Social Compliance, please contact us by any of the methods listed below:

• The Chief Legal Officer – Tara Mackey at

• The AZZ Compliance Alertline: (855) 268-6428

• The AZZ Compliance Alertline website:

Calls to the AZZ Compliance Alertline and reports made on the Alertline may be made anonymously, and may be submitted in several languages.  AZZ strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises a concern in good faith on the Alertline.

Committment to Sustainability

AZZ is committed to providing products and services in a efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  A cornerstone of our committment is to provide products and services that support sustainable infrastructure development while striving to reduce the amount of raw materials, energy and waste used during the manufacturing process.  For more information regarding our committment to sustinability, please visit our sustainability page at: 

Conflict Minerals

AZZ supports efforts to end human suffering and environmental harm associated with certain minerals that may have originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the “DRC”) and adjoining countries, and is committed to the ethical sourcing of any minerals used in our manufacturing and supply chain.  AZZ is dedicated to continue to comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements to help end civil conflict and human rights abuses in the DRC region.

The process of tracing the origin and chain of custody of minerals through a global supply chain is sometimes complicated and challenging because some component suppliers or sub-suppliers may lack the resources to trace minerals all the way back to their source.  AZZ endeavors in good faith to continue to have its suppliers exercise reasonable due diligence to evaluate their respective supply chains to reduce the risk that minerals in our supply chain come from mines that finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC region. We evaluate our suppliers annually and report on the same.

AZZ Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Conflict Mineral Reports

AZZ Conflict Minerals Report 2015

AZZ Conflict Minerals Report 2016

AZZ Conflict Minerals Report 2017

AZZ Conflict Minerals Report 2018

Current AZZ CMRT Forms

2019 AZZ Inc. Conflict Minerals Letter

2019 AZZ Inc. (Non-Galvanizing Affiliates) CMRT v5.12

2019 AZZ Inc. (Galvanizing Affiliates) CMRT v5.12

Community Involvement

The AZZ Cares Foundation is dedicated to providing charitable support and assistance to AZZ employees and their immediate family members when an emergency, disaster, or personal hardship occurs.  Additionally, the Foundation provides charitable financial support to other 501(c)(3) organizations in which AZZ employees live and work.