Corporate Social Compliance

One of the most impressive aspects about being a part of AZZ is the right people doing the right thing and doing it together. AZZ’s success and reputation has been built upon a foundation of the highest standards and business ethics. Managing expectations is a core value in doing what is right and AZZ’s high regard to Corporate Social Compliance is fundamental in what we do. No matter what job description, task or activity to be done, nothing can compromise the value of our adherence to our ethics and the laws governing the international business world. Simply stated, operating with integrity and with high ethical standards is what AZZ strives for as our way of doing business. Our Corporate Social Compliance consists of guideline and policies for dealing with customers, suppliers, other employees, competitors and the public with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.

As AZZ expands increasingly into the global market, it is crucially important that everyone at AZZ personalizes and internalizes the value of these standards, core beliefs and our dedication to the highest regards for business ethics. Should you have any questions regarding Corporate Social Compliance, please contact us by any of the methods listed below:

• The Chief Legal Officer – Tara Mackey at

• The AZZ Compliance Hotline: (855) 268-6428

• The AZZ Compliance Alertline website:

Calls to the AZZ Compliance Hotline and reports made on the Alertline may be made anonymously, if you wish. AZZ prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises a concern in good faith.