Powder Coating

Long-lasting, chip and fade resistant, environmentally friendly process, offering an array of colors and textures.

Powder coating provides substrates and structures with decades long protection from corrosion.  Durable powder coating is available in a wide range of fade and chip-resistant colors and textures for enhanced aesthetics and compliance with safety codes.

AZZ has a network of powder coating facilities serving North America, each equipped to provide the thorough surface preparation critical for optimum coating performance.

AZZ's powder coating facilities also have a wide range of plating services.  Plating provides corrosion protection for substrates and components of varying sizes through eletroplating, which utilizes an electric current, or through an autocatalytic chemical process.  Both techniques can provide varying enhancements to functionality in addition to long-lasting corrosion protection.

Powder Coating Locations
Our state of the art, highly automated facilities have the capacity for large scale production and fast turnaround times.
Duplex Coat
Amplified corrosion protection through the use of both hot dip galvanizing and powder coating
Powder Coating Process
Electrostatic application of paint which provides long-lasting corrosion protection in an array of fade and chip resistant color and texture options.
A wide variety of plating options for critical applications