Exceptional corrosion resistance with 100% coverage

AZZ’s highly automated e-coating operations are equipped for high-volume production and fast turn-around times, which result in improved supply chain efficiency. 

E-coating provides comprehensive corrosion protection, enabling paint coverage to reach areas inaccessible by spray applications. A corrosion-resistant epoxy coating is created by applying an electrical current to a paint bath. The submerged part is energized to attract paint particles evenly to every surface, including interior cavities.

Consistent application with a superior finish

  • Excellent corrosion protection without the use of weighty metals
  • Superior throw power for uniform film thickness that creates total part coverage: 
    inside cavities of part as well as the outside surface
  • Fewer corrosion results due to durability


Our state-of-the-art process utilizes multiple sub-phases

  • Pretreatment Cleaning
  • Electrocoat Bath
  • Rinsing Process
  • Curing Oven (Bake Oven)


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