Reverse Engineering

Extending equipment lifecycles through replacement component fabrication

Reverse engineering has become an important tool to combat equipment obsolescence by obtaining spare parts or entire components that have been abandoned by the OEM and are obsolete. The term “obsolete” in this case means no longer available for purchase, or the OEM offers unacceptable delivery times or prohibitive pricing.

AZZ Nuclear was a pioneer in the reverse engineering of electronic components such as power supplies, control modules, and boards. Our Instrumentation Services division has decades of experience reverse engineering electrical and electronic components and has developed several hundred solutions to obsolete equipment, including more than forty power supply models.

Unlike reverse engineering mechanical equipment where the goal is typically to replicate parts, reverse engineering of electrical and electronic equipment is usually followed by a re-engineering or redesign of the equipment to manufacture functional replacements. The reverse engineered equipment is likely to contain resistors, diodes, and other discrete components that are no longer available. 

AZZ Nuclear has also reverse engineered and manufactured replacement parts for pumps and valves, and in some cases has reverse engineered entire valves. Reverse engineering of mechanical components is most often to enable obsolete equipment to be maintained.