When the decision is made to hot-dip galvanize, it is important to consider all aspects of the project, down to the smallest hole.
From faster installation to reduced project costs, there are many reasons to protect your equipment with a factory-built solution from AZZ!
Perhaps the most critical choice made in the design of connections is how to protect the fasteners from corrosion. Hot-dip galvanizing delivers long-term, maintenance-free corrosion protection in a variety of exposure conditions.
Whether the nozzles needs to be repaired emergently or replaced in a planned turnaround, AZZ Specialty Welding has unparalleled innovative leadership in weld metal overlay technology backed by proven results
AZZ’s proprietary HF40™ overlay is a Fe-Cr-C-Zr hardfacing alloy with approximately 20% chromium (Cr) that provides exceptional resistance to erosion and wear as well as erosion/corrosion attack.
With proper consideration and understanding of how the hot-dip galvanizing process affects steel, asymmetrical designs or structures containing sections of unequal thickness can be successfully galvanized, as can fabrications where cold-working techniques (bending, hole-punching, rolling, shearing) are employed.