AZZ Galvanizing – Crowley was proud to help with the construction of a recreational aquatic center, and was recently recognized for its work on the project by the American Galvanizers Association for Excellence in Hot Dip Galvanizing.
Aging electrical infrastructure is something that all utilities and industries face. Dealing with the consequences of failed or failing equipment requires forward planning and the right technical support.
When natural disasters strike, the resulting power outages can adversely affect both businesses and homeowners. In such situations, major utilities are under extreme pressure to restore electrical power supplies as quickly as possible.
AZZ Power Generation Reverse Engineering
Equipment obsolescence is a huge challenge for nuclear plants that have been operating for decades, and electronic equipment is particularly challenging given advancements in technology over time.
AZZ Power Generation MCC Cubicles
When it comes to the supply of MCC cubicles, there are two schools of thought. The first path is to purchase complete cubicles from an OEM and then dedicate them as assembled units.
AZZ Bridge and Highway Interstate Bridge
This is a suburban bridge with high traffic volume passing over and under. De-icing solutions and salts have been applied regularly over the years.
AZZ Bus Systems - Retrofit Older GIS Installs
Substations often require new equipment to upgrade or expand existing facilities or replace damaged systems. This often requires interfacing to equipment from varying manufactures and technologies of existing equipment.