AZZ Bus Systems - future expansion
Many of the same challenges presented by a retrofit project are also encountered when expanding existing stations. There are various interfaces to be designed and restrictive outages schedules that must be adhered to.
AZZ Bus Systems - Tunnel and Vertical Shafts
Hydroelectric generating stations often require transmission of power over large vertical distances. Transmitting power at transmission voltages rather than generation voltage, is more economical.
AZZ Bus Systems - elevated installations
Every station layout design has certain physical boundaries to which the transmission components must adhere. If the space available precludes the use of air-insulated bus and a lack of available land prevents continuous transmission line at ground level or below grade, an elevated bus system provides a potential solution.
AZZ Bus Systems - below grade transmissions
Buried installations offer the advantage of lower installation costs in open areas. Trenches can be used when crossing roads or installing in areas where water tables are close to ground level.
AZZ Galvanizing - aggregate recycling plant
The plant, located in the Middle East, is designed to recycle concrete products. The facility is subjected to constant UV rays, 120 degree plus heat, sand storms, as well as the abrasive conditions created by an aggregate crusher.
AZZ Recreation - ski lift
Ski lifts need to be built to withstand cold winter conditions and the abrasive dings and dents often incurred to recreation equipment. This is the main reason why the ski lift at a resort was hot-dip galvanized (HDG).
AZZ Recreation - racetrack
With scores of silver seating rows spanning far into the distance, racetracks are cherished attractions for any community. Rust from corrosion only dulls the city’s charm. For decades, the only corrosion protection used to protect the massive collection of steel used in this structure was paint
AZZ Recreation - town center
This suburban community, known for its natural resources, has a history of taking a long term view of community development. Establishing parks and creating quality, recreational and open space opportunities is a high priority for the city.