AZZ Power Generation Reverse Engineering
Equipment obsolescence is a huge challenge for nuclear plants that have been operating for decades, and electronic equipment is particularly challenging given advancements in technology over time.
AZZ Power Generation MCC Cubicles
When it comes to the supply of MCC cubicles, there are two schools of thought. The first path is to purchase complete cubicles from an OEM and then dedicate them as assembled units.
AZZ Bridge and Highway Interstate Bridge
This is a suburban bridge with high traffic volume passing over and under. De-icing solutions and salts have been applied regularly over the years.
AZZ Bus Systems - Retrofit Older GIS Installs
Substations often require new equipment to upgrade or expand existing facilities or replace damaged systems. This often requires interfacing to equipment from varying manufactures and technologies of existing equipment.
AZZ Bus Systems - future expansion
Many of the same challenges presented by a retrofit project are also encountered when expanding existing stations. There are various interfaces to be designed and restrictive outages schedules that must be adhered to.
AZZ Bus Systems - Tunnel and Vertical Shafts
Hydroelectric generating stations often require transmission of power over large vertical distances. Transmitting power at transmission voltages rather than generation voltage, is more economical.
AZZ Bus Systems - elevated installations
Every station layout design has certain physical boundaries to which the transmission components must adhere. If the space available precludes the use of air-insulated bus and a lack of available land prevents continuous transmission line at ground level or below grade, an elevated bus system provides a potential solution.
AZZ Bus Systems - below grade transmissions
Buried installations offer the advantage of lower installation costs in open areas. Trenches can be used when crossing roads or installing in areas where water tables are close to ground level.